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Upon the conclusion of the 2015-2016 season, the UPC ecoRacing team, with whom Addendum have collaborated since the beginning, has entered into the TOP 10 world ranking of electric single-seat racing cars, maintaining its status as the best team in the country.
After participating in three of the most important competitions in Europe, held at the Silverstone (United Kingdom), Hockenheim (Germany), and Montmeló (Spain) circuits, UPC ecoRacing began the 2016-2017 season with the ambitious objective of competing in another continent. The team travelled to Melbourne, Australia, where they competed with top teams from countries like Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, Tasmania and Australia. Addendum’s favourite vehicle, the result of the enormous effort of all its members, surpassed all these other teams: both in static trials and in engineering, where the team has to justify to the judges the design of the car, among other things, with UPC ecoRacing obtaining the number 1 spot in the Design trial, and 3rd in the Business Plan category.
At the dynamic events, one of the most important challenges in the Australian competition, the ecoRZ had to compete in all of the trials, showing its reliability and high performance. The team surpassed with flying colours in all of the trials, obtaining 3rd place in both the acceleration and efficiency trials.
With all of these successes, the team achieved 1st place in the general classification of electric vehicles.
So now the team begins the 2016/2017 season following the series of aforementioned successes. UPC ecoRacing have achieved unprecedented success in Europe, being the first team to run in Australia and win the competition. Addendum congratulate the team and are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate in this great experience of technological innovation.
Addendum has recently increased its production capacity through the acquisition and operational launch of the new LIEBHERR LC380 gear hobbing machine, with automated parts loading.

This machine allows us to cut high quality splines on cylindrical and helical gears at very competitive prices. It also allows for the production of gears for any market application in medium and long batches; although its flexibility and ease of setup and handlingmean it can also produce quality parts in small batchescompetitively.
As we have already seen in recent years, Addendum actively collaborates with the UPC (Polytechnic University of Catalonia), whether it be in training, research or development of new projects...
This year we have participated in the successful UPC ecoRacing project with the industrial engineering students at ETSEIAT (Terrassa School of Higher Learning in Industrial and Aeronautical Engineering) This technological research project within the sphere of sustainable automation has for years been focused on designing single- seater cars to participate in Formula Student events.
The ecoRZ (2015) model is a 100% electric model that has reduced space, respect for previous models, but maintains the 135 CV so as to improve on dynamic performance and energy efficiency. It can run at 135 km/h and reaches 100 km/h in three seconds.
Addendum has contributed to the manufacturing of the special gears for the transmission of the magnificent single-seater ecoRZ, which has participated in the Formula Student Spain, within the Montmeló Circuit. At this competition, the team has received the prize for best car at the “Cost and Manufacturing” trial, received very high scores for its Business Plan and first place for its status in static trials!
Given all of the above, we wish to congratulate the group for all of the work done, and hope the group achieves magnificent results at the next competition, the Formula SAE Italy. We are also cheering for the group for this passionate work involving research and development of projects that are sustainable and keep in mind the training of future entrepreneur engineers.
Since Addendum first started in the business of gear manufacturing over 50 years ago, the company has steadily pursued the goal of instituting the finest work and production practices. To that end, we have consistently kept close watch of industry developments in order to apply new and proven techniques to our business, and thus improve day by day.
In consonance with this vision, inspired by the 5S method, we recently upgraded our facilities by paving our shop floors with a high strength resin, yielding greater cleanliness and order, as well as workplace safety and security, thus bettering the working environment while simultaneously improving production.
Addendum recently renewed its ISO 9001-2008 certification in the Design and manufacture of gears, transmission systems and precision mechanical components, which was originally obtained in 2008, and later renewed and expanded to the area of design in 2011.
The process of renewing this certificate every three years is a requirement for certification, to which Addendum has a steady commitment as a key strategic element for the company, in order to ensure proper quality in management as well as products and services offered.
Certification is valid until 2017 and can be consulted below or through the link at the top right of this website.
Our continued investment in renewable energy arises from the collaboration of Optima Renovables with the renewed wind energy sector service company, Wind Power Transmissions.

Wind Power Transmissions (WPT) offers a wide range of services for electric wind turbines: from maintenance, repair and refeeding of wind multiplier to the performance of repairs, audits and field inspections.

Wind Power Transmissions
After appearing in the press, our water purifier now also appears on TV.

On Wednesday, November 21, the TV3 programme "EL MEDI AMBIENT" broadcast a report explaining the functionality and features of the H2Optima water purifier.
The publicity this gives us for Optima Renovables and for Addendum is a cause for satisfaction.

You can watch the report that was broadcast on the following link:

El medi ambient de TV3
The H2Optima water purifier is an autonomous and portable device designed to produce drinking water for human and agricultural use from seawater, salt water or contaminated fresh water, needing no external power supply, since it is equipped with photovoltaic panels.
The “La Vanguardia” newspaper published the story in both its paper and digital version, highlighting the possibilities of the device: production capacity, ease of installation and use, and its evident advantages in the developing world and in agriculture.
Readers of this news praised the idea and the potential of the device with their comments. They also urged companies like ours to invest in innovation, with the aim of creating jobs, international competitiveness and better sustainability for the planet.

La Vanguardia
Bandera de Polònia From this year, Addendum also has a new sales representative in Poland, as well as our website in Polish, enabling us to offer a better service to companies in this country.
If you would like to contact the representative, simply write to us in the "Contact" section of our website.

With this new initiative, Addendum, aiming to grow, enlarge its market and provide the best services, is expanding its scope of activity all over Europe.
Last April Addendum took part in the INDUSTRIE 2011 FAIR held in the French city of Lyon at the Eurexpo Lyon exhibition centre from the 5th to the 8th of the month.

This production technology fair showcases the latest innovations and trends in all areas of the industry.

As an industry leader in France, the fair includes the full range of equipment, components, products and services for all stages of the manufacturing process, from design to production, which fits perfectly with the Addendum production philosophy, given that we offer complete solutions tailored to each client.
The Optima Renovables firm, of which Addendum is a member, obtained the FIRM 2.0 prize in the 16th Cecot Awards for Progress in Business.

As part of the 16th ‘La nit de l’Empresari’ (the Businessperson’s Night) event, organised by the Cecot employers’ association every year, Optima Renovables, SL was awarded the FIRM 2.0 prize. Cecot awards this prize to companies that use IT and in general any 2.0 technology to collaborate with other companies, competitors, clients, suppliers, partners etc. in order to establish alliances for the purpose of managing basic processes such as logistics etc. and others like product, process, service design etc.

Addendum, SA and seven other companies from the local area have created the firm Optima Renovables, specialising in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sector. This collaboration and the resulting work has led to this award, which we are delighted to receive.

In the award ceremony the company received the prize from José Montilla, president of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Pere Navarro, mayor of Terrassa and Antoni Abad, chairman of Cecot.

Press release
Molí de vent Addendum is part of a cluster of companies specialising in providing solutions of all kinds in the field of renewable energy.
The Optima Renovables, SL firm, since its founding, has operated in the wind power, photovoltaic, energy efficiency and biogas industries.
Addendum, in its ongoing quest for diversification and growth, has become the group’s company responsible for wind energy, offering repair, maintenance, auditing and new application design services in the wind power sector.
Design and manufacture of gears, transmission systems and precision mechanical components.

At Addendum we have recently passed the audit for obtaining the ISO 9001-2008 Certificate.
This certificate guarantees compliance with the requirements of the regulation, in the sphere of design and manufacture of gears, transmission systems and precision mechanical components.
We previously held the ISO 9001-2008 Certificate for the manufacture of gears and precision mechanical components, and in this way we have extended the field of application also into design.
Our years of experience have provided us with sufficient know-how to design any type of transmission, whether partial or complete, enabling us to help our customers to find special individual solutions adapted to each one’s requirements We are sure this will be of interest to you.

ISO 9001-2008 Certificate
After 50 years’ commitment to improving technology in general, Addendum has revamped its website.

With this more modern and dynamic website, our intention is to offer all our customers and suppliers, current and future, a direct link to our company, as well as information on our production capabilities and qualities.
In addition to our usual representatives in the United Kingdom and France, and taking advantage of the opportunities that the market offers us, we now also have a new representative for German-speaking countries. This will allow us to secure a greater market share in Europe and therefore increase our production and customer service capacity for all of our clients.
We hope everyone will find our website very useful and we are open to any suggestions that may help improve it.
Addendum is 50 years old Addendum has just celebrated 50 years in business. These have been difficult years, but also full of hope for the future, as many enterprising people in this country have created companies which have succeeded in surviving to the present day, due to the efforts of all their employees and associates, by making quality products that have enabled them to grow and evolve.

The management department thanks everyone who has made it possible to celebrate this anniversary and at this difficult time of global crisis, we urge them to continue with this effort, so that we may turn these difficulties into opportunities for the future.
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